Rethinking infrastructure

05/06/2019 08/08/2022


RiConnect is an Action Planning Network of 8 metropolises which aim is to rethink, transform and integrate mobility infrastructures in order to reconnect people, neighbourhoods, cities and natural spaces. We will develop planning strategies, processes, instruments and partnerships to foster public transport and active mobility, reduce externalities and social segregation and unlock opportunities for urban regeneration. Our long-term vision is a more sustainable, equitable and attractive metropolis for all.

RiConnect - rethinking infrastructure


Lead Partner : Barcelona Metropolitan Area - Spain
  • Thessaloniki - Greece
  • Métropole du Grand Paris - France
  • Kraków Metropolis Association - Poland
  • Amsterdam Region - Netherlands
  • Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area - Poland
  • Porto Metropolitan Area (AMP) - Portugal
  • Greater Manchester


Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona - Coordinació de Planejament Urbanístic

(0034) 93 223 51 51 CONTACT US

All RiConnect videos are available here.



  • SEP 26-27 > Kick-off meeting | Phase 1



  • JAN 30-31 > Final meeting | Phase 1
  • JUN 29-30 > Kick-off meeting | Phase 2
  • OCT 22-23 > Thematic Meeting 1 | Reorganising how we move
  • FEB 04-05 > Thematic Meeting 2 | Integrating the infrastructure
  • APR 22-23 > Thematic Meeting 3 | Adding ecosystem functions
  • JUL 05-06 > Thematic Meeting 4 | Planning the metropolis
  • OCT 25-29 > Midterm reflection meeting


  • FEB 21-22 > Implementation meeting
  • JUL 6-8 > Final meeting | Phase 2



RiConnect Final ReportRiConnect case studiesRiConnect chronicles

Integrated Action Plans

RiConnect partners


Read all the local Integrated Action Plans from the RiConnect partners!

RiConnect Avinguda del Valles - Barcelona Metropolitan Area
Avinguda del Vallès


Read the Integrated Action Plan here.

Barcelona Metropolitan Area
Skawina - Krakow Metropolis Association


Read the Integrated Action Plan here.

Krakow Metropolis Association (PL)
Hel Peninsula - Gdansk Gdynia Sopot Metropolitan Area
Hel Peninsula


Read the Integrated Action Plan here.

Gdańsk - Gdynia - Sopot Metropolitan Area (PL)



Lelylaan - Vervorregio Amsterdam


Read the Integrated Action Plan here.

Vervorregio Amsterdam
Oldham - Transport for Greater Manchester


Read the Integrated Action Plan here.

Transport for Greater Manchester
Livry-Gargan - Greater Paris Metropolis


Read the Integrated Action Plan here.

Greater Paris Metropolis
Arranha - Porto Metropolitan Area


Read the Integrated Action Plan here.

Porto Metropolitan Area
Kodra camp-to-park - Thessaloniki
Kodra camp-to-park


Read the Integrated Action Plan here.



Find here all the documents created by the RiConnect network! Click on each icon to view and download the documents:


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