A set of tools and resources to help you shape better cities

The URBACT Toolbox has everything you need to design and implement integrated and participatory actions in your city. Discover guidance, tools, templates, prompts, explainers and much more to find your way when tackling urban challenges. The Toolbox is organised into the five stages of the action-planning cycle and the crosscutting actions of engaging stakeholders and sharing knowledge. Aligned with the URBACT Method, it draws from capacity-building activities. This means that as responses to urban challenges are updated, city-makers can expect to find new tools on this page – stay tuned!

Action-planning cycle


Analysing problems

Examine the current situation in order to identify the challenges in the city and what exactly needs to be fixed.
More detail about Analysing problems

Planning Actions

Define the change you want to make before generating ideas and co-create a coherent set of actions.
More detail about Planning Actions


Make sure you have proper and adequate human and financial means to make your plan concrete.
More detail about Resourcing


Ensure your plan is operational and foresee challenges linked to the delivery of the actions.
More detail about Implementing

Measuring results

Set up clear objectives and indicators to be able to monitor and assess the progress made.
More detail about Measuring results

Engaging Stakeholders

Know who your stakeholders are and how to engage and work with them, at each step of the process.
More detail about Engaging Stakeholders

Sharing knowledge

Capture, reflect on and disseminate the lessons learnt along the process, to make your plan sustainable.
More detail about Sharing knowledge

What's the URBACT Method?

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience supporting cities across Europe, URBACT has developed the URBACT Method. This set of guiding principles are underpinned by the conviction that by sharing experiences with other cities we can harness the opportunities of integrated, inclusive and sustainable urban development.

The URBACT Method is based on three key concepts

  • integration


  • integration


  • integration


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