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19/09/2022 19/09/2022


Medium-sized post-industrial cities in Europe seek ways to grow & diversify their economies to compete with the pull of larger hubs. This is even more important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Barnsley has been committed to growing higher value jobs, particularly within its tech and digital sectors. The Good Practice comprises 2 main pillars: - Enterprising Barnsley, an award-winning business support programme - The Digital Media Centre, a landmark hub for tech business in the town centre which has recently expanded into a second building as Barnsley expands The Seam - Barnsley's Digital Campus.

Lead Partner Barnsley
  • Alytus - Lithuania
  • Roeselare - Belgium
  • Rzeszow - Poland
  • Novska - Croatia


Kick off meeting

  • TechRevolution meeting in Rzeszow (PL)

    Flexible Workspace 101 - It’s all about the love

    An article by Alison Patridge, TechRevolution Lead Expert.


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  • TechRevolution study visit to Finland

    ‘Communities that play together stay together’

    Some reflections from Alison Patridge, Lead Expert, on the URBACT TechRevolution 2.0. network’s study visit to Helsinki, Espoo and Tampere in Finland.


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