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03/04/2018 08/06/2021


TechRevolution, an URBACT Transfer Network, provides an opportunity for six cities from across the EU to get under the skin of an URBACT Good Practice developed and delivered in Barnsley UK which centres around two main pillars (below) as well as some spin-off activities. • Enterprising Barnsley - a successful business support programme; • The Digital Media Centre (DMC) - a landmark hub for creative and digital business in the town centre. It enables these cities to come together to study every element of the practice in a safe and honest space, to consider their own local contexts and strategic priorities and then to adapt different aspects of what Barnsley has done within their local setting. See the full Tech-Revolution Transferability Study here.

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  • Kick-off meeting, Barnsley
  • Barnsley Kick off meeting
  • Vilanova Transnational Meeting
  • Tallin / Helsinki Transnational Visit
  • Piraeus Transnational meeting
  • Sharing event
  • Final Network Meeting