The URBACT Knowledge Hub brings together, analyses, and synthetises a series of thematic insights. It’s the place where initiatives sparked by URBACT cities – and other partnerships – have room to grow and evolve. The knowledge shared is accessible to urban enthusiasts across Europe and beyond.

Discover below all urban focus areas, stories, city case studies, related events and much more!



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    Localising the 2030 Agenda

    Localising the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be a powerful framework for long term impact at local level. Combined with the URBACT Method, the global goals from the Agenda 2030 can be turned into a reality in cities. Find out how!

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    Discover a series of booklets, guidance and inspiration to tackle challenges linked to urban mobility and improve public spaces. Building from the experience from the past round of Action Planning Networks, URBACT brings to you the Walk'n'Roll initiative!

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    Adequate and Affordable Housing

    Together with the Urban Innovative Actions, URBACT has explored how cities can engage to the right to housing. Check out the findings, experiences and cases from this joint venture.

  • Strategic Public Procurement

    Try out URBACT's different modules for the Strategic Procurement online course for a practical, easy-to-follow guidance on how to using procurement as a lever to address social, environmental and economic challenges in your city.

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    Food and sustainable local systems

    Find out how cities can benefit from local and sustainable food systems, some good food for thought! From gardens to your plate, understand how this subject can touch on policy-making, community building and much more.

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    Digital Transformation

    Join the TechPlace online community to learn how to harness the potential of digital transition as a driver of sustainable urban development in your city. From knowledge to capacity-building material, take the digital leap with us.

  • Gender Equality

    Gender Equality

    Gender is at the heart of all URBACT activities, this thematic angle is mainstreamed at all levels. Check out how cities can become more gender equal!

  • Leipzig Charter

    More than 20 years later after the Leipzig Charter set out and pioneered the concept of integrated urban development, URBACT partnered up with the German EU Presidency to support the dialogue process to refresh and release the New Leipzig Charter.