The Implementation is a key moment in the Action-Planning cycle, when the actions foreseen to achieve a goal become reality. This stage is not about actions themselves but HOW to set them going, which can be tricky. Implementation presents several challenges tackled by the guide and tools listed below, along the following structure:

  • Making sure a strategy is operational
  • Understanding the local conditions for implementation
  • Reviewing stakeholders engagement for the purpose of implementation
  • Following up on the progress made in implementation

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Action Table

The Action Table tool aims at defining activities and outputs to achieve a given objective, it provides an overview of the action planning process.


Refining an action

The Refining an Action Table helps at developing concrete actions by planning them in details, thinking about activities, timescale, outputs resources and obstacles.


Four C's

The Four C's Review sheet helps assessing the Coherence, Completeness, Concerns and Continuation of an action plan, in order to make sure that it doesn’t omit any crucial...


Coherence Checklist

The Coherence Checklist aims at assessing the coherence and solidity of a plan and making sure in covers all required elements.


Preparing for Implementation

The Guide on Preparing for Implementation aims at helping city practitioners to get ready for the delivery of action plans. 



The iPESTLE  method is a simple tool to help you understand your local conditions and your local stakeholders' and what challenges you may be facing.


Implementation Capabilities Grid

The Implementation Capabilities Grid is a tool to assess assets and weaknesses in relation to the implementation of an action plan, it will help getting ready and filling...


Integrated Approach to Implementation

The guide showcases how city practitioners can achieve implementation taking into account the physical, economic and social dimensions of urban development, from a sustai...


Participatory approach in Implementation

The Guide on Participatory Approach in Implementation outlines the steps and issues associated with stakeholder involvement, in order to assist practitioners.


Stakeholders Ecosystem Map

The Stakeholders Ecosystem Map tool aims at identifying and mapping stakeholders based on the sector they belong to and on their level of importance.


Stakeholders Power/Interest Matrix

The Stakeholders Power/Interest Matrix aims at identifying, mapping, as well as, prioritising stakeholders. Its scope is to think about the right approach to take with ea...


Measuring Performance in Implementation

The Guide on Measuring Performance in Implementation outlines the steps and issues associated with setting up efficient monitoring sytems, in order to assist practitioner...


Monitoring & Performance Table

The Monitoring & Performance Table is a support for reflection for the design of a sound monitoring system in order to follow up on the implementation of an action plan.


Self-Assessment tool for Integrated Action Plan

The Self-assessment Tool for Integrated Action Plans is a table developed for stakeholder groups to check their own progress with their plans.

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Engaging Stakeholders

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Sharing knowledge

Capture, reflect on and disseminate the lessons learnt along the process, to make your plan sustainable.
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