Participatory approach in Implementation



The Guide on PARTICIPATORY APPROACH IN IMPLEMENTATION outlines the steps and issues associated with stakeholder involvement, in order to assist practitioners. It focuses on maintaining their involvement and organising joint decision-making throughout the whole delivery process of policies and action plans, to ensure the successful delivery of the integrated action plan.


Who is this tool for ?When should the tool be used?
Any city practitioner in charge of the joint delivery of an action plan and willing to maintain engagement, participation and awareness of stakeholders.

The guide is divided in two parts:

  • The first one focusing on the challenge itself of maintaining a participatory approach during implementation;
  • The second one presenting practical tools and methods to deal with this challenge locally.


Have a look at the Participation Checklist for a quick review of what should be done to maintain participation during the implementation. 






You can find examples of co-management in this document. Here are practical examples to illustrate the concepts:



Examples of Co-Management Models

KRAKOW: Creating a platform of cooperationCity Case 1
AVEIRO:Involving teachers in a changing process towards school successCity Case 1; City Case 2
BERLIN: Implementing the 'JBA'City Case 1; City Case 2
LEIEDAL: Using momentum as a lever for a new governance modelCity Case 1
CAHORS: The regeneration of 72 Château-du-Roi StreetCity Case 1
AMPELOKIPI-MENEMENI: A catalyst for change in a Roma neighborhoodCity Case 1; City Case 2
NANTES: Bien Grandir à NantesCity Case 1; City Case 2
GOTHENBURG: Implementation StoryCity Case 1; City Case 2
BARCELONA: Implementation StoryCity Case 1; City Case 2