Stakeholders Power/Interest Matrix

The STAKEHOLDERS POWER/INTEREST MATRIX aims at identifying, mapping, as well as, prioritising stakeholders. Its scope is to think about the right approach to take with each of them.

Who is the tool for?When should the tool be used?
City practitioner in charge of multi-stakeholder groups – Experts

It should be used at the beginning of the project and can be repeated several times during the project cycle if needed.

It can be used for brainstorming and for idea knowledge exchanges.



Download this tool

Watch below a video explanation of the tool by Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse.

How to use it online? 


This tool can be used during virtual meetings to organise an online collaborative exercise. The Stakeholders Importance/Influence matrix can be uploaded in an online collaborative whiteboard platform (such as Miro, Mural...) or in a Google sheet and participants can then fill in the matrix thanks to virtual sticky notes.