Preparing for Implementation

The Guide on PREPARING FOR IMPLEMENTATION aims at helping city practitioners to get ready for the delivery of action plans. The process of putting a decision or plan into effect, going from the theoretical framework towards reality, is crucial for cities. It requires proper preparation, in order to avoid negative results and reputational damage. However, cities persistently struggle to transform these strategies into actions that can deliver tangible results.  


Who is this tool for ? When should the tool be used?

Any city practitioner in charge of the delivery of an action plan and willing to get properly prepared for the implementation.

When getting ready to implement a strategy or an action plan.

The guide is divided in two parts:

  • the first one focusing on the challenge of getting ready for implementation 
  • The second one presenting practical tools and methods to deal with this challenge locally.


TO GO FURTHER: find here the template to prepare an implementation plan for your action plan.