Four C's

The FOUR C'S REVIEW sheet helps assessing the Coherence, Completeness, Concerns and Continuation of an action plan, in order to make sure that it doesn’t omit any crucial information. This tool is a necessary step to track and measure the effectiveness of your initiatives.




Who is this tool for ?When should the tool be used?
City practitioners and their stakeholders willing to check their Action plans and making it implementable.

This tool should be used during the action planning and implementation process.

It can be used during workshops, peer-review meetings and for self-assessment.

How to use it online?


This tool can be used during virtual meetings to organise an online collaborative exercise. The Four C's Review sheet can be uploaded to an online collaborative whiteboard platform (such as Miro, Mural...) or in a Google sheet and participants can fill in the table thanks to virtual sticky notes.