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  • Vila Nova de Famalicão - Core Meeting 1

    9 Cities to link issues of Public Procurement and Gender Equality

    The GenProcure Action Planning Network (APNs) is focused on the thematic topic of Gender Responsive Public Procurement. Over the next two years and until December 2025, it will seek to support 9 partner cities to develop Integrated Action Plans (IAPs) that enable Gender Equality to be a key consideration in Public Procurement. Public Procurement is the process utilised by public authorities, including local municipalities and regional governments to spend money on the goods, services and works that they require to function effectively. Public Procurement spreads from the design of goods and services to the tendering of opportunities to the monitoring of outputs and outcomes.


    Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson

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  • WELDI - Building welcoming communities for migrants


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  • “Vitamin N” for everyone – Transforming cities’ relationship with nature and the rise of nature-based solutions to tackle the ecological crisis

    Bestseller author Richard Louv defined nature-deficit disorder in his book (Vitamin N: The Essential Guide to a Nature, 2016 – where “N” is for “nature”) and launched an international movement to get humans’ connection back to nature, especially in urban areas where this connection has been dramatically lost over the last centuries, as it was painfully, but perfectly showcased during the COVID-19 pandemic.


    It is not neglected - it is biodiverse! Field work at a spot designated to as a pilot area of climate adaptive grassland management in Veszprém, Hungary
    It is not neglected - it is biodiverse! Field work at a spot designated to as a pilot area of climate adaptive grassland management in Veszprém, Hungary

    Ferenc Szigeti-Böröcz

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  • ARCHETHICS_partners

    How “Dissonant” Cultural Heritages can foster Democracy in European cities.

    The history of Europe has generated a heritage that sometimes is controversial and complex due to belonging to totalitarian regimes or contentious borders. This heritage has been called “Dissonant”, addressing the problematic link between the physical elements like architecture, neighbourhoods, monuments, and urban public spaces, and the historical and political values those elements represent.

    ARCHETHICS Network opens a deep reflection on the Dissonant Heritage present in many European cities: it allows us to experience the complex and diverse history of Europe (focusing in particular on the Twentieth Century) and, through a critical examination of the past, come into the present to promote democratic and solidarity values.

    Ileana Toscano

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  • Family photo, Transnational Meeting Beyond the Urban, Vic / November 2023

    Beyond the Urban starts walking at Vic's TNM

    Today marks the official launch of URBACT: Beyond the Urban, an ambitious three-year program aimed at fostering a more competitive, sustainable, and inclusive Europe by addressing key challenges in urban-rural connectivity. The initiative is funded by the EU through URBACT, and is led by Creacció Agència d’Emprenedoria, Innovació i Coneixement, headquartered in Vic, bringing together a consortium of ten partners from across Europe, including Bram (France), Bucharest (Romania), Hradec (Czechia), Kocani (North Macedonia), Machico (Madeira), Mátészalka (Hungary), Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal), Tartu (Estonia), and Treviso (Italy).

    Monica Carrera

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  • Promoting the 30-minutes Territories - Challenges and Ambitions for Small and Mid-size Communities


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