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Catch up on the latest updates from cities working together in URBACT Networks. The articles and news that are showcased below are published directly by URBACT’s beneficiaries and do not necessarily reflect the programme’s position.

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  • Remote-IT: exploring remote work preparedness of cities

    Anamaria Vrabie

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  • Regeneration with an impact

    Regeneration with an impact.
    10 european cities putting Social Impact at the core of Urban Regeneration

    Liat Rogel

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  • Yellow LEGO man in the role of an hiker, with a map and a compass

    Urban Mobility Paradigms: navigating inclusivity and sustainability in the S.M.ALL project

    In the city of Ferrara, which leads the S.M.ALL project, the first transnational “ready for action” meeting took place on December 6th, 2023. This meeting concluded the city visits and marked the beginning of the next planning phase. At this point in the journey, the first considerations about the potential of this network can be formulated.


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  • WELDI Project's First Transnational Meeting in Osijek, Croatia

    WELDI Project's First Transnational Meeting in Osijek, Croatia

    WELDI’s  first transnational meeting took place on 15 and 16 November 2023 in the picturesque city of Osijek, fourth largest city in Croatia, that is nestled within the Pannonian Basin on the right bank of the Drava River. The gathering served as a platform for partner cities to share experiences and challenges with regard to migrant rights, and discuss the baseline study and roadmap drawn up by our expert: Dirk Gebhardt.

    In this article, we will talk about this transnational meeting and what it involved, both in terms of planning WELDI’s work plan and in gaining insight into the work of the host city Osijek.


    Sofiane Youssef

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  • Falling in love with downtown: the URBACT Cities@Heart network is here!

    As a part of the URBACT IV European Programme, ten European urban areas come together to form Cities@Heart, a network dedicated to sharing best practices and innovations for improving city centre management.

    Suzanne Pergal

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  • Baseline Study visit in Charenton-le-Pont, France

    Cities@Heart: an URBACT Network proposing solutions for city centres, the testing ground for addressing future urban challenges

    In spite of urban sprawl and a franchise economy, city centres are on the rise! Cities@Heart is here to defend proximity and mixed use, making downtown more accessible and appealing for new generations.

    Santamaria-Varas Mar

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