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  • Unlocking the Night: Exploring Models of Night-Time Governance

    Unlocking the Night: Exploring Models of Night-Time Governance


    In the bustling streets of major cities, where neon lights turn on and nightlife thrives, a new form of governance is emerging: one that recognizes the crucial role played by the night-time economy and seeks to manage it collaboratively and effectively. From London to Berlin, Vienna to Mannheim, the discourse on the governance of the night-time economy has gained momentum over the past decades, propelled by the rise of night mayors, night offices, and night commissions.

    The inaugural online thematic seminar of Cities After Dark, held on 22 February 2024, delved into the diverse models of night-time governance implemented by major European cities. Through a lens focused on collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, the online seminar shed light on the evolution of local debates surrounding the night-time economy and the challenges faced by cities in regulating and coordinating their nocturnal activities. The practices and solutions explored during the online seminar offered useful elements to the partners of Cities After Dark, which are kicking off the integrated planning process while reflecting on how to consolidate innovative forms of governance along the process. 

    Nuno Almeida

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  • Murcia (Spain)

    Highlights from Murcia meeting activities

    Lidia Gryszkiewicz

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  • Map-based

    Map-based solutions help to make people’s knowledge count

    Katalin Bunyevácz

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  • Webinar #1 "Measuring Safe and Sustainable School Travel" - Recording and presentations are now available!

    Vasilis Koutalas

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  • The group visiting the Cliffs of Moher

    Funding the 30-minutes territory


    Insights from ECONNECTING’s Third Transnational Meeting in Ennis, Ireland


    Mariachiara Di Tella

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  • Benissa, the first town in Spain adopting One Health

    David Huberdeau

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