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Catch up on the latest updates from cities working together in URBACT Networks. The articles and news that are showcased below are published directly by URBACT’s beneficiaries and do not necessarily reflect the programme’s position.

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  • Complex of buildings of a former pasta factory

    Ideas and possibiliteis for the revitalisation of a postindustrial site

    Joanna Gańcza-Pawełczyk

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  • Unveiling Our Two-Pager Infographic #1


    We are happy to present a comprehensive snapshot of C4TALENT through our newly crafted two-pager infographic. As we embark on this transformative journey, it's essential to encapsulate the essence of our initiative, its objectives, and its potential impact succinctly.

    Zoltán Szenes

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  • Unlocking Potential: C4TALENT Baseline Study Approved!

    We're thrilled to announce that the Baseline Study of C4TALENT has been officially approved! This green light signals a significant milestone, propelling us forward into the next phase of our journey.

    Zoltán Szenes

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  • Cities After Dark: Baseline Study

    Nuno Almeida

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  • Members of the Cities@Heart network

    Sipping coffee in Sligo: How a commitment to community and attention to detail turned things around for downtown—one cup at a time

    The year is 2013 and few residents of Sligo, Ireland have heard of a BID, or Business Improvement District. Stakeholders in the local commerce sector operated independently and seldomly in cooperation with the County Council. Fast forward to December 6, 2023 when a group of 26 individuals from ten different countries all over Europe touched down in Sligo to glean best practices for city centre management. Sligo’s remarkable success story provided a fitting backdrop for the first transnational meeting of the Cities@Heart URBACT Action Planning Network.

    Suzanne Pergal

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  • Szabolcs 05, Hungary, ULG, Beyond the Urban

    Empowering communities through URBACT Local Groups

    URBACT Local Groups (ULGs) are a cornerstone of our projects. ULGs are vital in fostering a participatory approach at the local level, ensuring that communities actively contribute to urban development. As we embark on the Activation Stage of our projects, a vast number of ULGs have been created among the Beyond the Urban partner territories, and First ULG meetings have taken place, starting to empower their communities:

    Monica Carrera

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