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  • How can gender equality be achieved in Blue Economy Entrepreneurship?

    One of the key questions raised at the 2nd Transnational Meeting of BluAct 2nd Wave network which is funded by the URBACT III Programme and was organised by the Municipality of Piraeus and took place

  • Network of 5 European port cities come together to promote innovation in the blue economy

    The BluAct Network aims to inspire the four new partner cities in the Second Wave of the Network to learn from the experience of Piraeus and hold entrepreneurship competitions to support local

  • BluAct Final Event May 2021

    A hybrid online-offline format event, with live connection and simultaneous venues in 7 port-cities!

  • Transfer Story: Salerno Italy

    The Municipality took a strategic decision quite early on in the organisation of their activities to integrate a Blue Growth Entrepreneurship Award into an existing high-profile Business Plan

  • Transfer Story: Ostend Belgium

    The Municipality of Ostend held a launch event for their competition at the GreenBridge Incubator on the 10th September 2019. The competition was structured around a SeaZone theme, a brand that was

  • Transfer Story: Matosinhos Portugal

    The Municipality set out by building a strong ULG, comprising 13 partners and also secured some commercial sponsorship through SuperBock, to support any entrepreneurs that enter the competition with

  • Transfer Story: Mataro Spain

    The city of Mataro aspires to open the city to the sea.  The Municipality’s original goals were to promote the blue economy and stimulate new businesses. The foundations for this project were laid in

  • Transfer Story: Galati Romania

    The Municipality built a strong URBACT Local Group, comprising members from Universities, the River Authority, NGO’s, public bodies and port-based businesses.