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  • Street Greening for Health and Wellbeing Outcomes

    In European cities, streets occupy on an average 25-35% of the urban space. This means that a large amount of public space is dedicated to cars. A city is a complex ecosystem, and each part of the

  • Greener Cities - Healthier Communities Conference and Workshop

    We are delighted to invite you to the International Conference and Workshop: Greener Cities - Healthier Communities in Limerick City Hall on May 31, 2022 (in-person event), Ireland. The conference is

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    Thematic report: Using Urban Greenery to Improve Air Quality

    This thematic report discusses improving air quality with greenery.

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    Trees for the future - small-scale action of Messina

    Small scale action in Messina: planting cypress, oak and myrtle trees

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    Ecosystem Service Analysis enables comprehensive perspectives for planning the benefits of nature in a city

    Espoo is one of the very first cities to use ecosystem service study as a perspective for planning the blue and green infrastructure and future land use of the city. To achieve this, Espoo created an

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    Reducing air pollution with the use of greenery - a general overview (video)

    Our lead expert, Tamás Kállay gave us a general introduction at the Health & Greenspace Academy

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    Foresting industrial areas in Ostrava to capture air pollutants (video)

    Katerina Bonito (Project Manager, CLAIRO) was our guest at the Health & Greenspace Academy.

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    The role of the wedge-and-ring greenery system in air quality in Poznan (video)

    Elżbieta Raszeja (University of Arts-Faculty of Architecture and Design) and Anna Gałecka-Drozda (Poznań University of Life Sciences) were our guests at the Health & Greenspace Academy

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    Picnic for the elderly in Hegyvidék-Budapest

    „Időspiknik” (Picnic for elderly), a series of mini-programmes within the Health and Greenspace project aims to combine the positive physiological effects of the green environment with mental health