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  • The NextAgri final event

    The final event of the NextAgri project took place in Milan with almost 70 participants that come from different sectors in the filed of urban and periurban agriculture.

  • The Milan urban and peri-urban agriculture

    The NextAgri project has been an opportunity for the city of Milan to map the initiatives of urban agriculture and think how to promote specific actions toward the increase of links with the city food

  • Final Investment plans

    The NextAgri project gave the opportunity to work with local stakeholders through the ULG group and identify the most important goals to achieve in order to create a local investment plan dedicated to

  • Food System transformation and the role of food policies

    During the NextAgri project, the topic of creation of food policies was one of the core issues. Having a Food Policy formally approved means starting and taking care of a mature institutional path

  • Oosterwold: an example of peri-urban agriculture in the Netherlands

    One of the field visits organized by the Municipality of Almere during the NextAgri meeting was in a stretch of land between Almere and Zeewolde (NL). Oosterwold  is a self-sufficient, green district

  • "Foody zero waste" a new Hub in the Milan general market

    “Foody Zero Waste” is a new initiative for the recovery of fresh fruits and vegetables in surplus at the general wholesale market in Milan promoted by Fondazione Cariplo, Municipality of Milan and

  • Communities of practice and stakeholder's involvement in the Urbact project

    The sharing of knowledge and experiences among different actors that take part to a food system is very important in order to improve actions. This is particularly true in the process of defining a

  • NextAgri "groundshaking effect" and city responses

    NextAgri’s project is a good example of the ground shaking magnitude caused by the UIA OpenAgri project. The 3 transfer partners are medium-sized cities from different climate type ecoregion and with

  • Rethinking Milan’s approach to food waste

    While designing its policy, the city of Milan has set up a comprehensive approach to reduce food waste while achieving multiple co-benefits. This article deepen the issue of food waste al local level