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  • USE-IT and community neighbourhood planning in Ward End

    What do when you have a really interesting area, full of great buildings, great organisations, businesses and a great community - who are keen to try out new things?  This is the situation in Ward End

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    Cities must rethink procurement for a healthier economic recovery

    Ten tips for strategic, integrated public procurement to help local economies bounce back stronger.

  • USE-IT: a new and innovative approach to regeneration

    Over the course of the last 30 years, cities across Europe have adopted a relatively orthodox approach to regeneration. By developing their city centres physically and by seeking to attract inward

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    URBACT and public procurement: a wealth of knowledge to share

    Unlock the potential of public procurement in your city, with URBACT expert Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson.


  • Making Spend Matter

    "Instead of looking to attract wealth through inward investment, we started to think about the wealth we already had at our disposal and building and harnessing that wealth for the benefit of our

  • The importance of procurement to city economies

    This article explores why procurement is increasingly being seen as a way of addressing some of the economic, social and environmental issues facing our cities. It does this through reflecting on: the