Capacity Building: the URBACT Summer University and the Toolbox!!

Edited on 27/06/2023


The first substantial capacity-building event for the 30 new Action Planning Networks (to which Irish local authorities are party to six!) will occur in Malmö, Sweden from the 28th to the 30th of August 2023. It will be an opportunity for our local authority staff to discover and engage with the URBACT toolbox to design participatory and integrated policies.  As well as an intense three days of learning, the Summer University will provide a great opportunity for each of the network's participants to meet in-person for the first time, to meet other URBACT project participants from their own country, and to get acquainted in-person with the respective National Contact Points and their network-appointed Lead Expert. The toolbox is something that staff from all our 31 Irish local authorities and other stakeholders can use at any time (regardless of being part of an active URBACT network or not) to effect change in their localities! The toolbox usefully provides a catalogue of guidance, prompts and explainers among other resources which will support staff in tackling their urban challenges. The toolbox is sorted into the various stages of an action planning cycle, namely: analysis, planning, resourcing, implementing, and measuring. As well as this, supports on engaging stakeholders and sharing knowledge can also be found there.

The page is regularly updated with new tools so keep an eye on it!

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