Webinar: Cities for affordable housing

Edited on 04/07/2024

Housing and urban development in the European Union face many challenges in recent years. High house prices and increasing lack of affordable housing supply, are preventing European citizens from accessing housing. The gap between income  and living costs which has been growing for decades is widening even more by inflation and high interest rates. These difficulties affect lower and middle-income households, young people, and vulnerable groups such as the elderly or people with disabilities, many of whom are deprived of the chance to access decent housing. Following the political discourse of the EU addressing the state of affordable housing (eg. Declaration of nice and Declaration of Gijon) the need for stronger public action for housing is clearly highlighted. This puts further responsibility on wide range of stakeholders: European Commission, Member States, local authorities, private and civic sector. 

Open to a wider public


17 July 2024


National URBACT Point

Webinar on affordable housing

The webinar will examine the support programs URBACT and European Urban Initiative provide to the cities in the field of affordable housing, showcase example of housing measures in the City of Dubrovnik and EUI innovative project in City of Budapest. The goal of the webinar is to raise awareness of local authorities about housing possibilities that are available to them and to motivate them for action. 

The webinar will be held in English with provided interpretation to Croatian.

The webinar starts at 10:00 (CET) with expected duration of up to 2 hours.


Ms Laura Colini – Senior urban policy expert and URBACT Ad-hoc Expert

Ms Ivana Brnin – Head of Department for Mayor’s Affairs, City of Dubrovnik

Mr Balázs Humayer – International Project Manager, City of Budapest 

Moderated by Mr Marko Ercegović (NUP/UCP Croatia)