Senior Finance and Audit Officer

The Joint Secretariat of the URBACT IV programme is looking for a Senior Finance and Audit Officer to fulfil the role of accounting function for the URBACT programme.


Applications must be submitted before 28 May 2023 at midnight CET


General Responsibilities

The Senior Finance and Audit Officer shall:


  • Report to the Director and the Managing Authority

  • Fulfil the task of the accounting function, as defined in the Article 76 of the on the Common Provision Regulation and other relevant regulation.




  • Contribute to the design of the accounting function for the URBACT Programme 2021-2027 based on a thorough risk analysis;

  • Work with the Certifying Authority to establish appropriate procedures for the new period;

  • Review the regulatory framework and set up systems to respect the said framework;

  • Support the drafting of the Description of Management and Control systems;

  • Prepare and implement the procedures to produce payment claims to the European Commission;

  • Drawing up and submitting the accounts;

  • Prepare and implement procedures to produce the annual accounts and other related documents (annual summary, management declaration);

  • Collaborate with the team working on SYNERGIE/System for Fund Management in the European Union to ensure effective data transfer;

  • Prepare and implement an internal control system;

  • Confirming the completeness, accuracy and veracity of the accounts;

  • Follow up on irregularities and recoveries;

  • Register all payments made to beneficiaries;

  • Register all payments received from European Commission;

  • Keeping records of all elements of the accounts, including payment applications;

  • Assist in the preparation, implementation and follow up of decisions of the URBACT III Monitoring Committee, including the annual implementation report;

  • Assist in the preparation of the programme updates and budget reprogramming;

  • Assist the Audit Authority in the audit tasks of the programme;

  • Coordinating support to EU-MS for OLAF declarations, when needed;

  • Monitoring the recovery of irregularities

  • Carrying out the Managing Authority Quality Checks on projects annually;

  • Fulfil other competence-related duties assigned by the Director as resulting from the mission and needs of the URBACT programme.


To apply for the position be sure to read carefully the job description.