Head of Unit - Networks and Capacity Building

The Joint Secretariat of the URBACT IV programme is looking for a Head of Unit – Networks and Capacity Building to coordinate the cooperation with the cities taking part in the URBACT programme.


Applications must be submitted before 28 May 2023 at midnight CET



General description of the position

The Head of Unit – Networks and Capacity Building shall:


  • Report to the Programme Director;

  • Manage the staff of the Unit;

  • Coordinate the work of the unit for efficient implementation of tasks;

  • Coordinate exchange and learning activity including capacity building for beneficiaries;

  • Advise the programme Director and the Managing Authority regarding the implementation procedures and programme budget management;

  • Contribute to communication activities;

  • Collaborate closely with other Joint Secretariat staff.


Transnational Networking: Project Development


  • Prepare, design and launch the calls for proposals to create networks;

  • Contribute to communication campaigns of the calls for networks;

  • Plan and coordinate drafting of documents related to the calls (application forms, guidance etc) linked to the SYNERGIE –CTE system where appropriate;

  • Support beneficiaries with project development, thematic focus, methods and activities, FAQ, guidelines and templates for outputs;

  • Support beneficiaries on administrative, management and financial matters (through specific guidelines, meetings, seminars, etc);

  • Design and deliver the project assessment procedure (eligibility, assessment, etc).


Transnational Networking: Project Support and Monitoring


  • Design and disseminate programme and project level documents dedicated to network management and implementation, tools for exchange and sound management;

  • Monitor and review progress of networks in terms of project implementation, methods, results and indicators, ULG activities, capitalisation resources;

  • Develop and disseminate tools and methods to support delivery of network workplans using training, contacts, participation in network meetings;

  • Coordinate the network experts and the proper use of related budget;

  • Collaborate with other staff members to ensure Synergie-CTE is adapted to networks


  • Organise the project implementation process (drafting Subsidy Contracts, processing payment claims, checking revisions of budget lines and/or action plans, checking revisions of application forms, reprogramming and mid-term review etc);

  • Monitor and coordinate network payment claims and progress reports;

  • Coordinate the reimbursement of network projects;


Capacity Building


  • Contribute to the preparation of a programme level strategy for capacity Building activities focusing on needs and actions of programme actors and other potential beneficiaires;

  • Supervise the implementation of the capacity-building activities targeting the networks and cities taking part in the URBACT programme;

  • Coordinate activities and service providers commissioned by the programme (experts, trainers) in the field of capacity building;

  • Work on evaluation framework for capacity building activities;


Programme Management


  • Contribute to the management of the programme, in cooperation with the Managing Authority, the Certifying Authority, the Member States and the European commission;
  • Contribute to the drafting and revision of programme procedures, including the Description of Management and Control Systems;

  • Participate in the coordination and organisation of the Monitoring Committee meetings for what concerns project and programming matters and contents;

  • Contribute to the organization of First Level Control Activities at project and programme level;

  • Monitor the Programme budget on the networking projects and capacity building activities;

  • Participate to the preparation of the annual implementation report for what concerns financial matters and contents;

  • Support the implementation of system audit and audits on operations in connection with the Audit Authority and with the external auditors;

  • Contribute to the programme evaluation strategy and indicators;

  • Coordination with EUI on networking activities and capacity-building;

  • Fulfil other competence-related duties assigned by the Director as resulting from the mission and needs of the URBACT programme.


To apply for the position be sure to read carefully the job description.