Programme Management Officer

The Joint Secretariat of the URBACT IV programme is looking for a Programme Management Officer to ensure a leading role in implementation and monitoring of the URBACT programme.


Applications must be submitted before 28 May 2023 at midnight CET


General Responsibilities

The Programme Management Officer shall:

  • Report to the Director;

  • Support the Director with general coordination tasks in the area of programme management;

  • Support successful financial programming and monitoring of all URBACT projects;

  • Coordinate the work on audit and controls in liaison with other programme authorities;

  • Coordinate the work on the programme information system SYNERGIE CTE.


Programme Management

  • Supervise and assist in the preparation, implementation and follow up of decisions of the URBACT Monitoring Committee, including the annual implementation report;

  • Coordinate the work related to the Group of Auditors;

  • Coordinate the work related to the SYNERGIE – CTE monitoring system

  • Coordinate the work related to the Description of Management and Control Systems

  • Prepare the Monitoring Committee meetings and ensure the follow-up.

  • Budget Management

    - Ensure the follow-up of the budget and prepare budget updates, reprogramming at programme level;

    - Ensure the sound management of the programme budget in collaboration with other Joint Secretariat staff under the coordination of the Director.

    - Audit and Control

  • Keeping the First Level Control information up to date as necessary;

  • Coordinating the development and implementation of a training plan for first level

    controllers to discuss and to improve control and audit systems in the EU

  • Coordinating the advice provided to First level controllers on eligibility of expenditure, public procurement and budget flexibility, use of standard control documents in close collaboration with the Project and Finance Officers

  • Assist the Audit Authority in the audit tasks of the programme, and in particular:

    -  procurement of an external audit firm to carry out the system audits and sample;

    - checks on operations;

    -  definition of the audit strategy;

    -  organisation, preparation and follow up of Group of Auditors (GoA) meetings;

    -  assistance in the identification of GoA members coordination of and support to the network of GoA Members, gathering second level audit descriptions;

    -  coordination of sample checks with all involved parties (external audit company, Audit Authority, GoA members, audited body), organisation of follow-up procedure with these actors;

    -  follow-up of the external auditors’ tasks in compliance with service contract, time schedule and GoA’s rules of procedure;

    - follow-up on action plans in case of errors with potential systemic impact.

  • Assist the audited project partners before and during the contradictory phase;
  • Coordinating support to EU-MS for OLAF declarations, when needed;
  • Monitoring the recovery of irregularities in close cooperation with the other Joint Secretariat staff;
  • Coordinating the assistance provided to projects selected for operation audit (including anti-fraud checks);
  • Carrying out the Managing Authority Quality Checks on projects annually.


To apply for the position be sure to read carefully the job description.