Towards a balanced city centre

01/06/2023 31/12/2025


Cities@Heart brings together ten European urban areas with diverse profiles but with one common goal: achieving a balanced and inclusive city centre for all users. By gathering relevant indicators and using a common methodology, this network aims to create a holistic policy framework for lasting and meaningful change in the heart of the city. Working hand in hand with local stakeholders and users, Cities@Heart is here to develop tools that foster happy, healthy and harmonious places.


LEAD PARTNER : Métropole du Grand Paris - France
  • Kraków Metropolis Association - Poland
  • Granada - Spain
  • Osijek - Croatia
  • Associação de Municípios de Fins Específicos Quadrilátero Urbano - Portugal
  • JZ Socio Celje - Slovenia
  • Sligo - Ireland
  • Cesena - Italy
  • Fleurus - Belgium
  • Lamia - Greece


  • First Transnational Meeting 6 and 7 December 2023 in Sligo, Ireland. 
  • 6-7 March Second Transnational Meeting in Granada, Spain
  • 25 April Publication of Baseline Study 
  • 13 May Webinar Cities@Heart After Dark 
  • 17-19 June Third Transnational meeting hosted by Quadrilátero Urbano, Portugal 

Third Transnational meeting 17-19 June 2024 hosted by Quadrilátero Urbano, Portugal 

Lead Expert