Safe, green and happy ways to school

01/06/2023 31/12/2025


SCHOOLHOODS puts children’s health and safety on the menu of how to get to school. The cities of this URBACT network work with pupils, parents and teachers to co-create solutions allowing pupils to actively go to school on their own. Parents can then choose sustainable modes for their trips as they no longer need to take their kids to school. The school neighbourhood should allow pupils to walk or ride alone safely. Ultimately, school neighbourhoods made for pupils moving around are the starting point for enabling short trips for daily needs for everyone.

LEAD PARTNER : Rethymno - Greece
  • Guía de Isora - Spain
  • Turku - Finland
  • Brasov Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development - Romania
  • Zadar - Croatia
  • Parma - Italy
  • Brno - Czech Republic
  • Skawina - Poland


Ready for Action! Meeting 15-16 November 2023 in Rethymno, Greece.


Lead Expert