Piraeus Hosts Third Transnational Meeting of URBACT 'Cities After Dark'

Edited on 08/07/2024

The URBACT 'Cities After Dark' network held its third transnational meeting in the vibrant city of Piraeus, Greece. This event, which took place from July 3 to 5, marked an important step forward in our mission to transform cities at night through the development of innovative and effective solutions.

During the visit, we were honored with an interview on Kanali1 radio station, where we had the opportunity to share the various initiatives of our network. This platform allowed us to discuss how cities can transform for the better at night, addressing the challenges and opportunities of the night-time economy.

We were deeply impressed by Piraeus' smart strategy of using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enhance safety and optimize public spaces at night. This exchange of experiences and best practices was essential for the development of our solutions.

One of the highlights of the meeting was a Masterclass, which brought new perspectives to our mission. We gathered our working groups to discuss concrete actions that connect the Night-Time Economy (NTE) with the use of innovative technologies to improve public spaces. These actions will be integrated into the Integrated Action Plans (IAP) of our participating cities.

Each city within the URBACT network had the opportunity to present its vision and the key points of their developed IAPs. This was a valuable moment for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Additionally, we discussed the state of the art, the challenges encountered, and the techniques to involve Local Action Groups in the co-production of priorities.

As night-time site visit, the partners of Cities After Dark also explored the beautiful marinas and the night spots of the city centre of Piraeus. The marina tour provided insights into how well-designed urban spaces can enhance the night-time experience for both residents and visitors. We also enjoyed a guided tour of the city, in particular the area of Trouba, highlighting its rich cultural heritage and modern developments, which further inspired our discussions and planning.

This meeting in Piraeus not only strengthened our network, but also reaffirmed our commitment to transforming cities for the better at night, promoting safety, innovation and sustainable economic development. During these days we had the opportunity to develop and share innovative practices in the management of the night-time economy, with a focus on safety, the use of technology and the improvement of public spaces.

Submitted by Nuno Almeida on 08/07/2024
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