Six Summer Podcasts for City Enthusiasts

Open your ears and listen to the latest on urban development issues from URBACT experts and cities!


1. Building Back Equally

The world-famous podcast 'The Urbanist' interviewed URBACT expert Sally Kneeshaw to discuss the unique opportunity that the pandemic has offered to build equality in to our cities for women and girls.


2. Cities Engaging in the Right to Housing

Throughout 2020, UIA and URBACT explored how cities can design housing policies and practical solutions to implement the right to housing. The stories and concrete examples from European cities are gathered in one place: Don't miss the two podcast interviews with Florian Schmidt, Councillor of a Berlin District, on collaborative housing, and with Raquel Rolnik, former UN Rapporteur on adequate housing.


3. Demystifying tech

Are you curious about 'tech ecosystems', 'smart citizens', 'smart city agenda'? Visit TechPlace, URBACT's one-stop-shop, connecting urban practitioners with great examples of digital city successes and good practices to share. Seven podcast episodes are available, alongside many more resources...


5. Activating citizens in urban regeneration

The URBAN REGENERATION MIX Transfer Network brings together seven cities in Europe working on the social dimension of revitalisation, which aims to increase the involvement of citizens and their participation in the process of revitalising urban spaces. Find out more about their journey in this series of 10 episodes!


6. Spreading the Playful Paradigm

Are you a policymaker or an urban practitioner looking for ideas to enable enjoyable co-created cities? Listen to the Playful Pardigm network's lessons, inspired by good practice that changed for the better eight European cities.


This article is part of a summer series. You can also check URBACT's recommendations for readings and websites.

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