What’s the URBACT e-University?

We are officially less than a week away from the start of this milestone capacity-building event!


As we approach to the Grand Opening on Tuesday 15 September, expectations are rising and the URBACT team cannot wait to e-meet all the 500 people from all over Europe who have registered themselves for the event. But first things first, after all, what is this e-University about?


One of URBACT’s core principles – alongside participation – is the concept of integration.  In order to find responses to urban challenges, and avoid creating new local problems, an integrated approach takes into account different dimensions. This includes territorial balance, horizontal collaboration (among different departments within a municipality and sectors) and, finally, vertical cooperation.   



When talking about the vertical dimension, URBACT encourages the dialogue and active interaction between all levels of public authorities and local players. In order to make the most of the cooperation between all actors, having a safe space for exchange is fundamental.  Moreover, it is important for all the involved people to speak the “same language”.

It is no surprise that local stakeholders – who might come from the most diverse backgrounds – can benefit from practical support before embarking this journey. Introducing them with hands-on exercises and providing them with the corresponding tools will turn local communities into powerful actors of change. That is where the URBACT e-University comes in.



This digital event consists of a series of 8 workshops, which will go through the action-planning cycle and look into different tools that will help beneficiary cities improve their skills.


Each workshop will take place either Tuesdays of Thursdays morning, from 15 September to 8 October. 


The e-University is exclusively designed for members of URBACT Local Groups from the current Action Planning Networks who will be responsible for the co-design of local Integrated Action Plans.






Even if you will not attend the e-University, you are welcome to access any material coming from it! As the workshops take place, all the recordings and related content will be made available through the URBACT e-University platform. The used tools, will also be at your reach via the URBACT Toolbox, which will be online in the upcoming days.



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