Opportunity to get to know each other during the First Transnational meeting

Edited on 04/01/2024

a color photo with people sitting in an historic train

GreenPlace Team sitting in an historic tram in Popowice tram depot, Wroclaw

a color photo of people sitting in a historic tram

Designing and implementing sustainable development strategies are one of the primary tasks of urban areas. In the long term, achieving such a goal must include efforts to mitigate climate change. While this is a challenge that all cities are facing, this topic is a special area of interest for the partners of the GreenPlace network.

As members of the project named "GreenPlace. Let's do it together!" we believe that in a global network of information transfer, the good example and prosperity of one city contributes to the prosperity of a wider area, country, continent or even planet. That's why it is so important to continue the dialogue and work together for better, more people- and environment-friendly spaces.

a color photo of people sitting at tables at workshops

The best opportunity to realize these goals are international meetings. They are a valuable opportunity to share experiences between different cities and regions. Each place has its own unique challenges and successes. By sharing information, it is possible to benefit from practices that have already worked elsewhere. It is also an opportunity to gain knowledge, the exchange of which can help minimize the risk of making similar mistakes in the future. What is more, international events provide an opportunity to work together on a broader scale to develop sustainable development strategies that take into account both environmental and social aspects.

a color photo of people watching permaculture

One of the first opportunities to exchange experiences of GreenPlace network members was the international meeting of its representatives organized on 26-27.09.2023. Wroclaw, as the Network Leader, hosted Partners from Boulogne-sur-mer Développement Côte d'Opale (France), Bucharest-Ilfov Metropolitan Area Intercommunity Development Association (Romania), Cehegin (Spain), Limerick (Ireland), Löbau (Germany), Nitra (Slovakia), Onda (Spain), Quarto d'Altino (Italy) and Vila Nova De Poiares (Portugal). In addition, the event was attended by Marcelline Bonneau, expert of the GreenPlace Network, representatives of the URBACT Secretariat and the URBACT National Point.

a color photo of people planting a tree

Participants had the opportunity to learn about the history of Wroclaw by visiting the exhibition "Wroclaw 1945-2016" at the Depot History Center. There were also workshops and guided walks through the areas of the Dąbie Depot, where inspiring permaculture activities are currently developing. The Lower Silesia Regional Chamber of Architects was presented, as well as the historic WuWA model housing development, which was already intended to inspire and show the world new trends in interwar housing in the 1920s.

a color photo of a historic red

An important part of the event was a meeting of our foreign guests with local partners of the GreenPlace network, when everyone had the opportunity to present their ideas on what they could be involved in the project. At the end of the visit, the participants visited the Popowice Depot, which is the main area of the URBACT IV project in Wroclaw.  At the end of the visit, three apple trees were planted on the grounds of Popowice Depot, symbolizing the established, international and hopefully successful cooperation!



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