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  • Institution : Castelldefels Council
  • Country : Spain
  • Type of region : More developed

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Where do we start?


The practise of physical activity on a regular basis improves the quality of people’s lives. It reduces premature deaths by up to 15%, acts as a preventive factor in chronic diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular and tumours, is key to the prevention of obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol. In addition, it has a clear influence on people's mental health.

What is our proposed strategy?



From the city of Castelldefels we propose to create a network of smart and healthy cities to improve health through two main elements: physical activity and technology. Healthy cities, prescribing sports activity in an intelligent way, promoted for the treatment of certain pathologies and syndromes, physical and psychological, to improve the quality of life and well-being of the citizen.


The aim is to create a "prescription", based on physical activity and sport, which can be prescribed from health centres or, on the personal initiative of any citizen who wants to improve their health.  In this way, citizens are empowered, making themselves responsible and a health partner.


For this to happen, it is necessary to take advantage of all the resources we have within the city, add the synergies of different entities, take advantage of urban and natural spaces, as well as invest in technology to have everything monitored and the ability to carry out consistent and reliable evaluation.


The approach to a working proposal is:


•  HEALTHY CITY. Personalized plans for physical activity to improve quality of life and be more active.


SMART CITY. Designing a specific digital platform for monitoring, decision making and evaluation of the programme.


NETWORKING, to take advantage of the resources of different actors and share the know-how, creating a network of resources of activities.

How do we plan to implement it?

The action plan to achieve the SMART AND HEALTHY CITY


After the development of pilot 1 and the implementation of pilot 2, we have taken a series of necessary steps to implement and ensure the success of this initiative.


1. INVOLVEMENT OF HEALTH CENTRES. Especially the family centres since they will be the initial prescribers of the activity. In the city we have two health centres that are part of pilot plan 2 with a double objective:


a. Improve the health and physical status of health personnel themselves in the post-covid environment.


b. Test the programme as direct participants to help in its design and know it thoroughly, since they will be responsible for "prescribing" it!


2. MEDICAL-TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNER. The Castelldefels City Council has the collaboration of the company UNIVERSAL DOCTOR, specialised in the development of medical apps, and recognised by the WHO. Together we are designing the software and the monitoring platform of the participants in the programme, with medical utility, since it will allow the evaluation and development of scientific studies.


3. ICTs. The programme will incorporate specific individual wearables for the monitoring and efficient treatment of data. To make it easier and more accessible, compatibility with Smartphones and different wearables on the market is being studied.


4. THE SPORTS CENTRES OF THE CITY. Open to both public and private who are interested in joining the initiative.


5. THE URBAN AND NATURAL SPACE OF THE CITY. Castelldefels has an extensive network of urban parks and two large natural spaces where physical and sports activity can be developed; the beach and the natural park of Garraf. Sports venues in the city are at a saturation point and have high management costs, especially those related to consumption. The city’s weather and open spaces allow outdoor sports activity practically all year round, sustainably (health + sustainability = SDG objectives).


6. OPPORTUNITY TO REGULATE ACTIVITIES. In Castelldefels, as in most cities, the offer of physical and sports activities that are offered without any type of regulation has grown. The idea is to turn these activities into a strong point, into a "pharmacy" for giving out prescriptions, with a win-win: greater provision and more customers with better regulation.


7. THE SOCIAL SPHERE AS A BENEFIT. In the city there are more than 60 entities that promote sport. We must make them proactive and involve them in the programme, both from the point of view of physical activity, as well as socialisation which will be beneficial for the programme.


8. TIMING OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. All the resources will be in a single platform, as well as all offers available, so everything you need to start doing sports in an easy and simple way.