Promoting Mechanisms of Public Participation in Vulnerable Communities.

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  • Institution : Municipality of Oeiras
  • City : Oeiras
  • Country : Portugal
  • Type of region : More developed

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  • Lead Partner

Goal: This project aims to constitute itself as a tool for the involvement of vulnerable communities through the implementation of mechanisms of public participation promoted by the municipalities, leveraging the social inclusion of residents, the feeling of belonging to the community, the involvement in issues that concern them, such as the focus on the preservation of public space and community infrastructures.

Key Aspects: The project will seek the integration of innovation characteristics in relation to the common mechanisms of public participation, including:

• Promote public participation practices in vulnerable territories, as a way to contribute to the inclusion, dialogue and social involvement of these communities;

• The development of partnerships and local interventions to promote citizenship and quality of life of community residents;

• The training of community members - neighborhood tutors - thus transferring knowledge and skills about awareness and citizenship to the community;

• Promoting the feeling of belonging and care for the preservation of public spaces in the community;

• The dynamization of creativity, individual talent and the appreciation of interculturality;

• The implementation of simple methodologies, perceptible by all, flexible and involving low financial resources, in order to highlight the important role of citizens in the execution and management of projects for their own neighborhood;

• The replicability character of the project, so that it can be implemented in other communities;

• The attribution to community residents the co-responsibility for the implementation of the projects.


Interest in engaging in this project: We believe that cities that know their local communities better, and that co-decide and co-project the actions that best meet their needs, are better prepared to respond to the various challenges and threats that urban systems face, making them more socially inclusive, more creative and more resilient.

This project will enable the local adaptation of the Sustainable Development Goals, such as SDG 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 16-Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.