Recycling abandoned bicycles found in public places

Candidate ID

  • Institution : City of Mechelen
  • City : Mechelen
  • Country : Belgium
  • Type of region : More developed

I am looking for

  • Lead Partner
  • Project Partners

Local context:

  • Yearly over 1000 abandoned bicycles are found in Mechelen.
  • There is no sufficient policy nor process for collaboration with police and internal departments.
  • There is no sufficient legal framework to have those bikes reintegrated in circular economy.
  • In Mechelen, on certain locations you’re not allowed to leave your bike behind.
  • The city is allowed to remove and store such bikes. The owner can pickup the bike after paying a small fee. Only 50% of the bikes are recovered by the owner. We’re looking for a green solution and a smooth process for collaboration to reintegrate them within social circular economy.


Policy challenges:

  • Legal framework on handling abandoned bikes
  • Streamlined proces between all involved city departments and external collaboraters
  • Nudging people towards correct bicycle parking