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  • Institution : City of Šibenik
  • City : Sibenik
  • Country : Croatia
  • Type of region : Less developped

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  • Project Partners

RESIDENTS OF THE FUTURE network aims to support the process of finding new answers to urban shrinkage of small and medium sized cities. As COVID 19 has brought many changes that are here to stay, this network will explore new ways of increasing city attractiveness for inviting and retaining new investments and new residents.
Small and medium sized cities struggle to redefine digital goals to become more citizen-centric city with holistic, sustainable solutions that enable green growth and livable conditions for its population. With post-covid digital era introducing new ways of working, living and communicating small cities should redefine their advantages towards big metropolitan centers and develop plans on attracting new and/or returning talent.

Key aspects that we want to explore through this network:

• Rethinking digital transformation through sustainable solutions that enable green growth and livable conditions

• Economic diversification – focusing on supporting development of emerging economic sectors, such as technology and creative industries

• City branding – enhancing the city image as a city supporting healthy lifestyle and innovation; attracting talent, new residents and business investments