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  • Institution : Luxembourg Slovak Business Club
  • Country : Slovakia
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As a member of the European Union, the Slovak Republic is obliged to apply European regulations in its laws. One of these regulations is the European Landfill Directive, which has been in force since 1999 and was last amended in 2018. Both of these directives impose obligations on member states in the area of landfilling. They mainly regulate the management of mixed municipal waste, which is generated by residents of municipalities as a mixture of waste that is not suitable for further use (recycling) and is placed in black bins. The contents of the black bins are, until now, regularly taken to landfill for disposal.

The Ministry of the Environment in Slovakia has fulfilled its obligation to the EU and has made it compulsory for producers of mixed municipal waste - municipalities - to treat this waste before disposal in landfill, with effect from 1st January 2023. From 1st January 2023 only waste that has undergone mechanical-biological treatment will be landfilled.

Therefore 40 Slovak municipalities are looking for a technology for the mechanical-biological treatment of waste. The treatment of municipal mixed waste will reduce the rate of landfilling and further increase the use of separated waste as a resource for further recovery.

We would be happy to create partnership and change experiences.

We believe through cooperation and exchanging information we can create a healthier and greener Europe.