"What if our cities liberate women?!"

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  • Institution : Clermont Auvergne Metropole
  • City : Clermont Auvergne Métropole
  • Country : France
  • Type of region : Transition

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As mentioned in the 2nd Gender Equal Cities Report, support from all levels of government is crucial in ensuring that women and men, girls and boys can freely and equally participate in society. Urbact is particularly committed to supporting local authorities incorporate gender equality into their policies.

Gender inequality still significantly impacts work, travel, play, health and life in urban environments and unfortunately women experience the majority of gender-based inequalities.

Gender equality is often and unfortunately, considered as an afterthought… but it is time to assume inequalities, to get out of stereotypes, to break habits embedded in all spheres, even the most unexpected, of our lives : here are the issues of gender equality that cities are facing. Collective actions, public and private, must be fostered to engage the movement of all the society, including companies and public bodies, including women and men, children and seniors. In 2022 everywhere in Europe, female citizens must have the right to decide of their lives and their choices, they should be able to benefit of equal opportunities to participate in a society and experience all possible freedoms in their city :

Women's freedoms :

- Freedom in public spaces, anywhere, anytime in the city (downtown and not)...

- Freedom to learn, to be educated, to choose their training, their career...

- Freedom to work, to get access to all trades, to create, to express themselves,

- Freedom to not be limited (to adapt in order to help and not limit) by constraints: those imposed by the body (health, aging), by our society (gendered positions, leisure and sports activities, etc.), by the family context, etc.

- Freedom to reveal themselves despite the stereotypes that freeze our society.

Policies in favor of gender equality are mainly focus on reducing exclusion, discrimination and unfair treatment by lifting women up. It is through the action and mobilization of each one and all together, that we must formally act with all the stakeholders at local level and launch a movement for the empowerment and liberation of women in our European cities.