Political Voices from Vilawatt UTM

Edited on 02/02/2023

One of the significant features of the Vilawatt UTM project is bringing together a number of key stakeholders; from companies, citizens, municipality departments, to local authorities.

Political representatives from Vilawatt UTM cities met at the final meeting organised in October in Viladecans.

Do you want to hear their point of view of the relevance of the project, the influence of the project on their Climate Strategy as well as their upcoming challenges? Have a look to the Vilwatt UTM political voices!.

“Our politics agreed on a new climate plan and we will implement some pillars from the Vilawatt UTM experience”, Benoit Giot, Climate Plan Manager of Seraing

“I would say that Trikala’s challenge is to ensure access to sufficient and affordable energy sources”, Vasilena Mitsiadi, Trikala City Councillor

“Energy and climate strategy and action plans have been developed, bringing together the methods and the tools available to local and regional institutions. Energy communities could also play a major role in the practical implementation…” Jácint Horváth, Nagykanizsa City Councillor

“A project like Vilawatt should involve  citizens, enterprises, communities and the rest of the political forces” Jordi Mazón, Viladecans Vice Mayor for Ecological Transition


🔗 Click here to listen to the political authorities in relation to the importance of the project for the implementation of energy efficiency plans in the cities participating in the Vilawatt UTM project.

Submitted by Sara Cerezo on 02/02/2023
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