Project Officer

The Joint Secretariat of the URBACT IV programme is looking for a Project Officer to contribute to the implementation of the networking projects and enhance cooperation with cities taking part in the URBACT programme.


Applications must be submitted before 28 May 2023 at midnight CET


General Responsibilities

The Project Officer shall:


  • Report to the Head of Unit Networks and Capacity Building;

  • Manage projects and monitor the progress of related activities;

  • Support implementation of capacity building and capitalisation activities;

  • Manage activities related to beneficiaries from partner countries benefitting from the Instrument for Pre-Accession.


Programme implementation


  • Prepare, implement and follow up decisions of the URBACT Monitoring Committee;
  • Monitor the Programme indicators (in particular output indicators at programme level, performance review information, etc) in collaboration with the other Joint Secretariat staff

  • Report indicators at Programme level through the informatics system SYNERGIE- CTE;

  • Prepare information for the annual implementation reports in accordance with European Commission requirements;

  • Collect interesting data to be included in the annual implementation report to the European Commission and in other possible publications (geographical data, city profiles, beneficiary data, programme level statistics linked to indictors etc) ;

  • Contribution to the Programme Monitoring Committee’s and/or Group of Auditors preparation on all issues related to project management.

    Project implementation:

  • Design programme and project documents (application forms, progress reports, certificate of expenditure, subsidy contracts etc) in collaboration with other Joint Staff staff;

  • Manage the application process in collaboration with other Joint Secretariat staff;

  • Coordinate and supervise the assistance given to beneficiaries in the development of their projects, particularly on administrative and project management matters (through specific guidelines, meetings, seminars, etc);

  • Ensure a sound reporting of information by beneficiaries through the informatic system SYNERGIE-CTE.


Project assessment
  • To contribute to the work undertaken within the Joint Secretariat to develop a transparent assessment procedure;

  • Undertake the eligibility check of project proposals;

  • Support the external assessment procedure;

  • Contribute to the preparation of the report to the Monitoring Committee and other programme level groups on the call for proposals.



Project Implementation and Monitoring



  • Prepare the contractual and administrative documents for approved projects (subsidy contracts, joint convention, first level control approvals and audit trails);

  • Assist approved projects on all administrative aspects of their project (training on project management, audit and control, eligibility rules, use of SYNERGIE-CTE etc);

  • Monitor and review progress reports submitted by the projects in collaboration with other Joint Secretariat staff;

  • Monitor and review payment claims (checking eligibility of costs, reviewing certificates of expenditure, monitoring budget categories);

  • Validate to proceed with payment;

  • Analyse and follow-up project’s request for changes via reprogramming (budget and

    content modifications) in collaboration with other Joint Secretariat staff;

  • Participate in project’ Steering Committee meetings and transnational meetings and conferences;

  • Provide inputs for programme level events dedicated to projects;

  • Maintain suitable audit trail for all projects;

  • Prepare the information to report to the Monitoring Committee and other programme level groups in collaboration with other JS staff;

  • Manage the closure procedure for projects at the end of their implementation (final review of activity, outputs, financial reporting) in collaboration with other JS staff;

  • Monitor and assist projects selected for operation audit (including anti fraud checks);

  • Undertake Managing Authority Quality Checks on projects annually.

  • Fulfil other competence-related duties assigned by the Director/Head of Unit as resulting from the mission and needs of the URBACT programme.


To apply for the position be sure to read carefully the job description.