Promoting Digital Inclusion: “Pla de Barris” Initiative in Mollet de Vallès

Edited on 09/04/2024




In an era in which digital literacy is indispensable for social inclusion and participation, Mollet de Vallès City Council, Lead Partner of DIGI-INCLUSION network, has taken a significant stride in bridging the digital divide through the implementation of "Pla de Barris" initiative. This endeavor, harmonized with the broader activities of the DIGI-INCLUSION network, seeks to equip citizens with basic digital skills, fostering autonomy and engagement in the digital realm. 





The inaugural edition of this initiative joined the participation of 36 individuals with a balanced gender distribution and an average age hovering around fifty years, with a 35% attendance rate among individuals referred by the Department of Social Services. 

Throughout 2023, "Fem vincles: Estación de França", (which stands for “Creating links: France Station”) has catered to a total of 91 individuals through various editions of training activities at the "Espai TIC", with nearly 70% female representation and an average age of fifty-two years.



The digital divide transcends gender and age boundaries. Digital challenges are not exclusive to the elderly; adults also encounter hurdles in navigating digital environments. Nevertheless, it appears that women are more inclined towards engaging in training to acquire or enhance their ICT knowledge. Nonetheless, areas for improvement have been identified, such as enhancing commitment to attendance and active participation in training sessions, and addressing the shortfall of municipal spaces equipped with modern computer infrastructure to deliver effective digital training for citizens. 

Within "Espai TIC", both the digital training monograph and the literacy course were conducted. The digital training monograph encompasses various sessions tailored to address specific needs: 

Smartphone Utilization: Aiming to foster autonomy in smartphone usage, particularly targeted at individuals facing difficulties in navigating mobile devices. 

E-mail Management: Providing guidance on setting up and managing e-mail accounts, designed for individuals unfamiliar with e-mail usage or in need of support. 

Cloud and Digital Tools: Enhancing digital skills and acquainting participants with basic digital tools, intended for individuals encountering challenges with ICT tools. 

idCAT (Regional Digital Identification Certificate): Offering insights into the idCAT system for individuals lacking this certification. 

Cl@ve (State Digital Identification Certificate): Introducing participants to the Cl@ve system for those without the requisite certification. 

La Meva Salut: Facilitating access to personal digital health information and services. 

IMV I & II: Informing individuals about state and regional minimum benefits and assisting in application processes. 

Online Portal of Ajuntament de Mollet (e-administration): Educating on the management of online procedures through the municipal website. 

Electrical and Thermal Social Aid: Providing information on social assistance programs for individuals facing energy poverty. 

Procedures for Foreigners: Offering guidance on formalities and procedures related to foreign affairs that can be conducted at the National Police. 

In addition to the digital training monograph, a six-session digital literacy course is conducted for individuals unfamiliar with new technologies, covering fundamental aspects such as: 

Basic Devices I: Introduction to the use of mouse and keyboard. 

Basic Devices II: Familiarization with screen usage. 

Basic Internet Browsing: Navigating the internet. 

Safe Internet Browsing and Shopping: Ensuring safe online experiences, including online shopping. 

Office Applications: Basic usage of Word and related office tools. 

Pla de Barris initiative in Mollet de Vallès stands as a beacon of hope in the journey towards digital inclusion, empowering citizens with the skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital world. As efforts continue to address existing challenges and expand the reach of such initiatives, the path towards a digitally inclusive society grows ever brighter. 

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