Senioral policy in Dzierżoniów and the goals of sustainable development

Edited on 23/11/2022

The Sustainable Development Goals have been defined by the United Nations (UN) in the document Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This document lists 17 Sustainable Development Goals and related activities that are planned to be achieved by UN member states. The goals are achieved not only at the government level - the sectors of science, business, non-governmental organizations and ordinary citizens also have a great influence.


By segregating rubbish, collecting plastic caps, saving water at home, collecting rainwater in the garden, active lifestyle (sports), saving energy (turning off the light when leaving the room), changing the way houses are heated (from coal to ecological sources).


The analysis of the city activities that have an impact on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals was one of the areas of work of the URBACT Local Group. The group was created as a part of the partnership project "Global Goals for Cities". Some of the identified activities related to the city senioral policy. It is an important issue as over 1/3 of the inhabitants are seniors. Such a large percentage of elderly people makes us take actions targeted at this age group.


The activities are:


  • Dzierżoniów Senior Card - entitles you to take advantage of discounts and bargains offered by over thirty Dzierżoniów partners (including shops); 
  • The "Handyman" program for seniors, under which you can take advantage of free professional services in the field of minor home repairs; 
  • The "Box of life" program - distribution of specially marked boxes, in which there is an information card containing all important data about the patient, useful when providing assistance by emergency services in the event of a threat to health and life;
  • "City Seniors’ Days" - concern thematic lectures, various forms of activity, free health examinations and consultations; 
  • Subsidizing the activities of organizations working for seniors;
  • Center for the exchange / rental of rehabilitation equipment (in the Day Senior Home + and the Social Welfare Center);
  • Telebands of life - free modern wristbands offered to seniors in Dzierżoniów. They are aimed at improving safety and independent functioning in the place of residence for seniors;
  • The Dzierżoniów Council of Seniors is an entity of consultative, opinion-making and advisory character. It deals with the prevention of marginalization of the elderly, supporting their activity, prevention and health promotion. The Council consists of representatives of non-governmental organizations, seniors and the representatives of Mayor.
  • and service establishments);


There are also support centers in the city of Dzierżoniów, which direct their activities for the benefit of seniors:


  • Day Seniors + Home - is intended for people who, due to their age, illness, disability, require partial care and assistance in satisfying the necessary life needs, and for whom the family cannot provide such assistance. The Daily Home provides care and creates appropriate conditions for people in difficult life situations to stay in it for many hours,
  • Daily House of Self-help - is a day support center, intended for chronically mentally ill people, people with intellectual disabilities and people with other mental disorders. Its basic task is to provide participants with social support allowing them to meet their basic life needs, independence and social integration. It conducts individual and group therapeutic and activating classes for beneficiaries, while maintaining the right to freedom, dignity, sovereignty and independence,
  • Senior + Club - providing support to seniors and aims to restore the elderly to active social life. Activiteis are held here in the afternoon (after other support centers close). As part of the Club, seniors can take advantage of the following offers: activating, educational, cultural, recreational, pro-health.

Thanks to the activities described above, Dzierżoniów contributes to the implementation of the sustainable development goals concerning poverty, hunger, health, education, gender equality, peace and social justice.


Submitted by Karin Luhaäär on 30/06/2022
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