Strategic Programme Development Lead Officer

The Joint Secretariat of the URBACT IV programme is looking for a creative Strategic Programme Development Lead Officer to inspire and contribute to the development and implementation of URBACT programme capacity building and knowledge activities.


Applications must be submitted before 28 May 2023 at midnight CET


General description of the position


  • Report to the Programme Director;

  • Collaborate closely with the Heads of Unit and other Joint Secretariat staff in the identification, definition and implementation of the programme capacity building offer consisting of networking, capacity building and knowledge activities (such as update of the URBACT toolbox, organisation of URBACT Universities at EU level, National Campus, online trainings, etc);

  • Participate in the elaboration, implementation and revision of specific strategies including methodologies, tools and activities related to programme activities;

  • Design and support organisational development and capacity building with specific trainings for projects team members, beneficiaries and service providers involved in implementation of URBACT activities;

  • Deliver trainings and capacity building activities;

  • Exchange and coordinate, where relevant, with other programmes, initiatives, institutions delivering capacity building to urban practitioners and policy-makers.

Main Tasks


  • To draft and implement the programme capacity-building strategy in synergies with all programme strands of activities;
  • To conduct the needs assessment, trendspotting and beneficiary market analysis in order to build up the programme capacity building offer;

  • To contribute to the design and/or update methodologies, tools, curricula and concept for networking, capacity building and knowledge activities;

  • Supervise the proper use of expertise at network and programme level. This includes managing the Call for the URBACT Pool of experts;

  • Provide effective supervision of the programme activities and ensure that those are conducted in line with international standards and best-practices;

  • Development of knowledge development process, connecting the three strands of the URBACT programme on networks of cities, capacity building and knowledge;

  • To support drafting the terms of reference for external services, assessing offers, and coordination of selected service providers of capacity building and knowledge activities, where requested;

  • To support monitoring and progress review in the implementation of programme activities, including design of evaluation frameworks;

  • Monitor capacity building actions and tools for urban practitioners and policy makers outside of the URBACT programme;

  • Contribution to communication activities for capacity-building events and outputs;

  • Liaison with Knowledge and Communication Officer to ensure complementarities or joint projects for knowledge and capacity-building.


Design and support organisational development


  • Facilitate development of the lessons learned, best practices and knowledge management relevant for the URBACT programme intelligence and capacity development;

  • Coordinate the implementation of programme transformational strategies (e.g. on digital transition, green and sustainable approach);

  • Coordinate, organize, and deliver trainings for URBACT team members for proper delivery of programme activities in line with programme’s cross-cutting objectives related to sustainable transformation, gender/ diversity issues and digitalization;

  • To organise and deliver trainings and capacity building activities to programme beneficiaries, other stakeholder and service providers where appropriate.


External exchange and cooperation
  • To coordinate with European Urban Initiative (EUI) in ensuring complementarity of the capacity building activities offered by URBACT programme and EUI;
  • Carry out bechmarking of capacity-building and training policies and tools developed outside of URBACT for urban practitioners and policy-makers and identify synergies for possible strategic partnership;

  • Participate and represent URBACT programme in relevant events when appropriate.


Programme Implementation


  • Contribute to monitoring the Programme indicators (result indicators, output indicators at programme level, performance review information, etc.);

  • Participate in the organisation of the Monitoring Committee meetings;

  • Participate to the preparation of the annual implementation report;

  • Contribute to the implementation of the Programme evaluation plan;

  • Contribute to the development of programme activities supporting beneficiaries from Pre-adhesion countries;

  • Fulfil other competence-related duties assigned by the Director as resulting from the mission and needs of the URBACT programme.


To apply for the position be sure to read carefully the job description.