• Urb-En Pact


    Lead Partner : Clermont Auvergne Métropole - France
    • Bialystok Functional Area - Poland
    • Palma di Montechiaro - Italy
    • CIM Alto Minho - Portugal
    • Métropole Rouen Normandie - France
    • Galati - Romania
    • Ecofellows - Tampere - Finland
    • Elefsina - Greece

    Clermont Auvergne Métropole - 64-66 avenue de l'Union Soviétique BP 231 63007 CLERMONT-FERRAND Cedex 1 - FRANCE


    Watch all the Urb-En Pact video stories here.


    • Kick-off Meeting
    • 1st Transnational Meeting in Bialystok Functional Area
    • Phase 2 Digital Kick-Off Meeting
    • Digital Transnational Meeting - Best Practises
    • Digital Transnational Meeting - Political Vision & Citizens Inclusion (Rouen)
    • Digital Transnational Meeting - Inclusion of companies (Elefsina)
    • Digital Transnational Meeting - Science & Innovation (Clermont Auvergne Métropole)
    • Digital Transnational Meeting - Major Infrastructure & Integrated Policies (Tampere)
    • Digital Transnational Meeting - Midterm Reflexions
    • COP 26 Network Meeting
    • Digital Transnational Meeting - IAPs Peer Reviews (CIM Alto Minho)
    • Transnational Meeting in Grenoble, France - IAPs Restitution
    • Transnational Meeting in Brussels, Belgium - Finance & Dissemination Event


    The URB-EN PACT booklet bears witness to the experiences of each partner city and the moments they shared in this adventure.


    Urb-En Pact Final Publication

    The 8 partner cities and organisations involved in the Urban Energy Pact project embrace the ambitious goal of becoming net zero energy (NZE) territories no later than 2050. Urb-En Pact aims to define local action plans for the implementation of a local and sustainable energy balance by producing and delivering renewable and regulated sources of energy. Urb-En Pact will unite all of the stakeholders of this circular economy, especially the consumers included in this energy loop, in and around the metropolitan area.

    Together towards net zero energy cities
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  • Zero Carbon Cities

    LEAD PARTNER Manchester
    • Frankfurt - Germany
    • Tartu - Estonia
    • Zadar - Croatia
    • Bistrița - Romania
    • Modena - Italy
    • Vilvoorde - Belgium

    The Zero Carbon Cities Action Planning Network will support partner cities to establish science-based carbon reduction targets, policies and action plans, including governance and capacity building to enable them to contribute to the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement and the EU’s strategic vision for carbon neutrality by 2050.

    Zero Carbon Cities
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