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  • Green Space Planning

    Bacau Municipality is a medium sized city, the county seat of Bacau County, located in the North-East of Romania. It is part of the North-East Development Region and has a population of about 144 307 inhabitants, according to 2011 Census.

    Most cities face a common set of basic problems: poor air quality, high traffic and congestion, poor built environment, abandoned land, greenhouse gas emissions, waste and wastewater generation, lack of green spaces providing balance in ecosystems and biodiversity, digital transition, etc. 

    Following the questionnaire applied in 2021, as part of the elaboration of Bacau's Integrated Urban Development Strategy for the period 2021-2027, many of the respondents assessed the quality of public spaces as poor and two major problems were mentioned: the poor quality of streets and sidewalks and the lack of recreational green spaces (parks, playgrounds, etc.). Nowadays, it is obvious that the importance of green spaces has long surpassed the need for romantic living in the middle of the nature and the role they play in maintaining the mental and physical balance of the cities’ inhabitants is scientifically proven. As the transformation of the main parks in Bacau will constitute the object of other dedicated projects, Bacau Municipality has decided to join an Action Planning Network in order to set out an Action Plan for transforming a green area located in the south-east part of the city in a forest-like park. 

    Cities need more green spaces in order to become resilient to climate change and to improve the citizens’ life quality. Thus, Bacau Municipality is willing to establish an integrated approach to tackle this challenge by adopting long-term strategies and action plans. We are confident that solutions exist and that they are within our reach and we would like to be part of a network facing similar challenge, where we can find guidance, know-how and support in addressing it.

    Casandra Solomon
    Bacau Municipality
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  • Tech Revolution

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    TechRevolution, an URBACT Transfer Network, provides an opportunity for six cities from across the EU to get under the skin of an URBACT Good Practice developed and delivered in Barnsley UK which centres around two main pillars (below) as well as some spin-off activities.
    • Enterprising Barnsley - a successful business support programme;
    • The Digital Media Centre (DMC) - a landmark hub for creative and digital business in the town centre.

    It enables these cities to come together to study every element of the practice in a safe and honest space, to consider their own local contexts and strategic priorities and then to adapt different aspects of what Barnsley has done within their local setting. See the full Tech-Revolution Transferability Study here.

    Working together to maximise the job creation potential of digital
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  • Building Healthy Communities


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    Health is important for the wellbeing of individuals and society, but a healthy population is also a prerequisite for economic productivity and prosperity. The Lisbon strategy underlines the importance of health as a key factor for economic growth. However there is a limited awareness of the contributions that a "healthy" urban policy can make to tackle challenges in health.

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