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  • International CLT Network

    The housing crisis affecting many cities in the region is calling for the construction of more affordable housing. Community land trust have proven to be an effective model to create permanently affordable housing. To achieve this, they use an innovative formula: the land under the homes is owned by the community, while the homes are individually owned by the residents. Non-speculative resale conditions guaranty that the homes stay affordable forever, generation after generation. Thanks in part to the Interreg NWE funded project "SHICC," this model has developed strongly in more developed parts of Europe in recent years. The project will build on the knowledge developed throughout the SHICC project to spread the idea to other regions in Europe. 

    While the CLT model benefits to the low income families who will be able to live in these homes, the goal of the project is much more ambitious. By involving local and regional authorities as well as academic partners, we aim to develop new urban policy based on the lessons learned. The context in which many cities are looking for strategies to address the housing crisis, strengthen the urban fabric and achieve climate goals offers an opportunity for an innovative approach that can change our cities for the better, for good. 

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  • Welcoming International Talent


    Kick-off Meeting - Groningen, the Netherlands
    Transnational Meetings 2019 - Debrecen, Hungary - Zlin, Czech Republic - Parma, Italy - Magdeburg, Germany - Bielsko-Biala, Poland
    Transnational Meeting 2020 - Leuven, Belgium, Final Meeting - Groningen, the Netherlands
    Final Conference Welcoming International Talent

    This Transfer network focus on Higher education and knowledge economy, both have become a global competition for talent. Whereas the main European cities attract both students and skilled-workers by their scale and fame, medium-sized cities, like Groningen, will need a policy to attract talent, and to keep them economically active. In this project the best practice of Groningen, a welcoming policy for International Students and skilled workers, will be transferred.

    Cities looking for global talents
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