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  • Construction of a water supply and sewerage network and reconstruction of captages in Mok-lishte

    The project, "Construction of a water supply and sewerage network and reconstruction of captages in Moklishte –Municipality of Kavadarci" has been determined as a priority project by the citizens of the municipality and is part of the annual program for Local Economic Development for 2022, for the reason that in this settlement in the past 50 years, this technical problem has not been solved, i.e. the absence of a water supply and sewage network together with a collector system.

    The consequences of the lack of an adequate water supply and sewerage network on the population that gravitates in this rural environment are huge, and the problem arises when waste water is discharged directly into the waters of the river Luda Mara without any prior treatment, and the polluting of the water in the riverbed of the river Luda Mara is a potential danger for infectious diseases.The discharge of untreated wastewater from households leads to microbiological wather pollution. Wastewater also causes contamination of the soil, and in this area there is a large part of arable soil.

    The settlement of Moklishte is located 7 km away from the municipality of Kavadarci. In the settlement there are 115 houses with permanent residents, in which there is no water supply and sewage network with a collector system.

    Dobrinka Aleksova
    Municipality of Kavadarci
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    REviving high-rise Blocks for cohesive and green neighborhoods. The main objective addressed by RE-Block is to foster efficient regeneration of these neighborhoods, making them more attractive and improving their environmental quality, whilst creating an integrated tailor-made approach to combat poverty.

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