Performance in Policy-Making

This guide on PERFORMANCE IN POLICY-MAKING aims at explaining the intervention logic and the EU results framework to support city practitioners and stakeholders to define measurable policy objectives. It supports the creation of a sound system for monitoring and evaluating progress of action plans. This document guides the reader through the process of policy making cycle by addressing evidence-based objectives, choosing the measurement criteria (indicators) and way to apply them to monitor, evaluate and improve sustainable urban development policies.

Who is this tool for? When should the tool be used?

Any city practitioner involved in urban planning and needing to define, choose and measure SMART objectives and results of urban action plans, policy or measures, in coherence with the EU results framework.

It can be useful all along the project life cycle and particularly when setting objectives and measuring results.


Let's put it into practice!


In order to define your objectives and create relevant results and outputs indicators, you can use the table below.





For more clarity, an example of a filled-in table is avalaible here.