Christophe Gouache

Edited on 02/06/2023

Christophe Gouache

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Designer & researcher in a design lab called Strategic Design Scenarios, Christophe's focus is on citizen participation, sustainable and social innovation, collaborative and participatory foresight (prospective scenarios of future sustainable ways of living) and service & policy design. He is working on various projects of public policy design and public innovation with regional authorities and ministries, as well as action-research projects at EU level (H2020).

Christophe has been collaborating with the French Ministry of Justice on the care of youth delinquents under Juvenile Justice, as well as with the French Ministry of Sustainability on designing tools that allow citizens and local elected officials to co-create future visions for local sustainable development programmes (Visions+21 – Agenda 21). Christophe gives trainings at the National Institute for Territorial Studies (INET) (Strasbourg, France) and teaches “Public design and innovation” at Sciences Po (Lille, France).

Christophe has expertise on citizen participation through the EU Research project CIMULACT (H2020) but also the regional action-research (Brussels-based) VILCO on the Collaborative City and several years as practitioners of participatory processes in Belgium and in France. He also worked as researcher for several european research projects on sustainable lifestyles and especially sustainable energy consumption (NatConsumers, Eco2 - H2020) and responsible research and innovation (COMPASS, H2020). Christophe wrote several articles and scientific publications on citizen participation (his latest publication is the following )

In URBACT III, he has been Lead Expert of an URBACT network of European cities (Active Citizens) on participatory democracy and citizen participation. Within the Active Citizens network, he designed a provocative game (available in 3 languages) called: Citizen participation? Hell no! 

Lately, Christophe also conducted (together with Liat Rogel), for the URBACT Secretariat, a study to harvest the outcomes of 'Small Scale Actions' in the 23 previous URBACT Action-Planning Networks. This study contributed to shape the new format of Testing Actions (which inherits from Small Scale Actions) for the new URBACT IV programme.

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