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Hear from the URBACT community on today’s most pressing challenges and inspiring examples from all around Europe. Find the inspiration you have been looking for to put knowledge into action!

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  • Exploring the gendered impacts of Covid-19

    A reflection by Sally Kneeshaw, URBACT Programme Expert and Jaimie Just, Policy Advisor CEMR

    Sally Kneeshaw

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  • Cities through a 'gender lens'

    Lots to do for our new GenderedLandscape network!

    Mary Dellenbaugh

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  • Cities implementing the right to housing

    The EU Cities Forum 2020, held in Porto, provided the perfect time and location to launch a new URBACT and UIA (Urban Innovative Actions) joint initiative on implementing the right to housing across urban areas in Europe.

    Laura Colini

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  • Rethinking the mobility infrastructure of Europe's metropolises

    RiConnect is exploring more efficient, equitable, and attractive metropolitan mobility systems.


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  • Do we need participatory democracy to save democracy?

    Everyone acknowledges today that democracies around the world are increasingly challenged. The number of issues they have to face – and have difficulties to respond to (social justice, economic stability, climate change, etc.) – put our democracies at risk. On top of that, a growing number of people feel that they are not listened to or taken into consideration by policymakers. Citizens claim a right to have a say in public decisions, choices, and policies that are made.

    Christophe Gouache

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  • “Be a voyager, not a tourist:” Introducing the Action Planning Network Tourism-Friendly Cities

    “I welcome in my restaurant voyagers, not tourists. People who are curious and respectful of the local lifestyle, who appreciate that the daily menu depends of the fresh and locally available products and who do some research before visiting”.

    Fausto Cavanna, owner, La Taverna di Colombo, Genoa (Italy)

    Anamaria Vrabie

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