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  • Cities nurturing local food systems to fight climate change

    The way we produce, distribute, transform, consume food has a huge impact on GHG emissions. How can local governments intervene?

    Marcelline Bonneau

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  • Bees - honey COVER

    Swarming of Urban Bees across Europe

    "We have proven that the BEE PATH concept works in various European cities. Now, we need to connect the dots into a network and allow urban bees to swarm across Europe” says Maruška Markovčič, from the City of Ljubljana (SI).

    Klemen Strmsnik

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  • How to make urban tourism more sustainable in post-Covid Europe

    URBACT cities are contributing to a soon-to-be-released EU study into better regulation of short-term holiday rentals.


    Laura Colini

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  • Food for thought in URBACT cities: the broad effects of eating local

    How can improving local food kick-start the systemic transition of a city and its surrounding territory?

    François Jégou

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  • Governing commons, is it even possible?

    Size: 600x240

    Liat Rogel

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  • Can public procurement help solve gender inequality?

    URBACT cities and experts investigate how to unlock the potential of public procurement to drive gender equality.


    Sally Kneeshaw

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