URBACT stories

Hear from the URBACT community on today’s most pressing challenges and inspiring examples from all around Europe. Find the inspiration you have been looking for to put knowledge into action!

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  • Enriching the urban jungle with bees

    How Ljubljana inspired Cesena to address the fundamental role that pollinators play in ecosystems and in urban environments.


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  • Tropa Verde in Opole Agglomeration (Transfer Story)

    In 2018-19, in Poland they were facing many problems related to waste management, such as landfill fires often organised by the so- called "garbage mafia", illegal landfills, abandoned waste, etc. Also, the knowledge of sorting waste wasn’t good enough.

    Christian Beade

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  • Small steps, step change

    How adapting Manchester’s model of cultural collaboration on climate action and engagement has driven change for the better in Šibenik.


    Laura McIntosh

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  • URBACT’s strategic procurement knowledge at the click of a button!

    It’s never too late to access and use the information provided in URBACT’s online course.


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  • Urban Sustainable Food systems – join URBACT’s movement towards COP26!

    Food will be a key thematic topic for URBACT in 2021 – Programme Expert Marcelline Bonneau tells us what to expect.

    Marcelline Bonneau

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  • Let’s put gender equality at the heart of building back better

    URBACT expert Sally Kneeshaw gives us her recommendations for how gender equality should be made a key part of cities’ Covid recovery.

    Sally Kneeshaw

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