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  • Involving the LGBTQI+ community in local night policy: the Parisian model

    Paris, partner in the Cities After Dark Network, is taking a lead in shaping inclusive night-time policies for all.


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  • Why are we still talking about gender equality? The FEMACT-Cities Action Planning Network: Addressing the implementation gap in gender equality policy

    Why are we still talking about gender equality?

    According to the EIGE’s Gender Equality Index, progress has been very mixed across the EU-27, and true gender equality still remains out of reach. Source: EIGE(2023).

    Mary Dellenbaugh

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  • CAD_article_5_edited

    From dusk till dawn: examining gender inequalities in urban nighttime economies

    International Women’s Day 2024 reminds us of the systemic gender inequalities in our society. This article sheds light on the role cities play in promoting safety, employability and quality of life for women.

    Simone d'Antonio

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  • 10 times URBACT has driven change for Gender Equal Cities - COVER

    10 times URBACT has driven change for Gender Equal Cities

    Throughout the years, URBACT has led the way towards gender equality. The experience from cities bears witness of change.


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  • Can urban public space foster equality in cities_COVER

    Can urban public spaces foster equality in cities?

    In the lead up to the International Women’s Day, let’s look into this question and much more.

    Ileana Toscano

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  • URBACT at the WUF11_COVER

    URBACT brings Gender Equal Cities to WUF11

    Present at the 11th World Urban Forum, URBACT has left its mark on how cities can be better planned for all. 


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